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Feature overview

  • Single System View
  • Supports all common interconnects and protocols
  • MPI-2 communication support
  • Automated system imaging tools
  • Hardware and software monitoring
  • Multi core aware / process pinning
  • Single point cluster management
  • Job accounting
  • Parallel debugger support

ParaStationV5 is a robust and efficient cluster middleware, consisting of a high-performance communication layer and a sophisticated management layer.

ParaStationV5 increases the stability and availability of the cluster.

The latest version 5 offers more performance and extended features. Benchmarks for industrial applications such as LS-DYNA, STAR-CD or VECTIS show excellent results. For the LINPACK, the standard benchmark for test compute clusters and for the TOP 500, ParaStation achieved a 30% performance gain.

Overview - Parastation V5

  • Cluster software with single system view
  • Process management for parallel and serial jobs
  • MPI-2 (Ethernet, Myrinet, Infiniband, P4sock, Shared Memory, Quadrics QsNet and Qs10G)
  • Administration command console
  • Parallel shell
  • High-performance parallel file copy
  • Resource management for load balancing purposes
  • Job queueing system (first- in first-out)
  • Test utility for communication path
  • Integrated with common batch systems
  • Installation-Management (Cluster installer)
  • Version control of cluster images
  • Hardware monitoring with GridMonitor
  • System monitoring for all cluster parameters and devices (nodes, switches, USV, RAID etc.)
  • Comprehensive graphical user interface
  • Event notification for "out-of-range" system values
  • Single-point of cluster management
  • Reduced software complexity
  • Smooth & secured upgrade path to future releases
  • Multi cluster - Multi platform - Multi vendor support
  • Parallel Debugger features
  • Automated system installation tool
  • Multi core aware
  • Integration of standard batch systems
  • Compatible to all file systems
  • Independend of Linux distribution