• Developed around the open source collaboration system Trac
  • Features a ticket system, a wiki-engine and a source code browser
  • Light-weight web application written in Python
  • Easily extensible via plugins
  • Pre-configured Trac instance is delivered, enhanced with a set of ParaStation- and third party plugins

The ParaStation TicketSuite as part of the ParaStationV5 Cluster Suite is an essential tool for maintaining large cluster installations. It helps keeping track of all issues that may arise with the hardware and software setup of such a cluster, thereby integrating well with the other components of the ParaStationV5 Cluster Suite, like the ParaStation Healthchecker.

The ParaStation TicketSuite consists of two parts:

  • A turnkey-ready virtual machine (VM) serving a Trac installation,
  • A set of command line tools to interface with the Trac instance.

Trac is a well-known lightweight open-source collaboration tool especially providing (amongst other features) a flexible ticket system and a wiki engine, and is fully extensible via plugins.

The Trac installation as delivered within the virtual machine is pre-configured and enhanced with publicly available third-party plugins as well as an exclusive plugin for gather­ing and visualizing ticket statistics.

In order to ease interfacing to this Trac instance, a set of command line tools can be deployed as needed on other nodes of the cluster setup. It allows for creating new tickets, querying existing tickets and gathering quick overview statistics.