• Comprehensive cluster monitoring solution
  • Hardware and Software telemetry
  • Graphical view of machine state / events
  • Event history stored in SQL database
  • Job status views and job management
  • Supports multiple clusters from multiple vendors at multiple locations

The ParaStation GridMonitor is a versatile system monitor for Linux-based compute cluster. A multiplicity of information from different devices and services from a cluster may be read, evaluated and stored. The GridMonitor provides the administrator with various aspects of the available information, from an overall status of all configured clusters to indepth details of nodes and devices.

The information may be retreaved from different sources, like:

  • compute nodes,
  • fileservers and frontend nodes,
  • network switches,
  • storage devices,
  • runtime systems like ParaStation or Batch Queuing systems.

Furthermore, parameters may be constantly monitored with respect to limits and the administrator may be informed, if required.

Based on a web server and PHP scripts, the graphical user interface visualizes the information provided by one or more clusters. The data is grouped within various views, like multi-cluster or cluster-dedicated overview and details, node overview and details, or cluster-wide parameter lists.

If you want to test drive the GridMonitor or want more information, please let us know.