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ParTec Cluster Competence Center GmbH is specialized in the development and support of a comprehensive suite of cluster management tools and a runtime environment specifically tuned for the largest distributed memory supercomputers in existence today. ParaStation V5, an in-house developed, open-source cluster software stack provides a parallel environment for Linux clusters that provides our customers with the reliability, high availability and utilization levels they demand as they strive to meet their research goals whilst remaining within their power budgets. . ParTec provides vendor-independent consultancy for a  broad range of cluster technologies and forms long standing customer relationships buy offering comprehensive support services in both remote and on-site scenarios. Our approach ensures rapid deployment cycles and seamless interoperability of software components.  

ParTec´s unrivaled expertise in delivering professional services, consultancy and support has made it to the parter of choice in some leading HPC customer projects.


ParaStationV5 is a robust and efficient cluster middleware, consisting of a high-performance communication layer and a sophisticated management layer.

ParaStation MPI provides a standard interface for parallel applications that require either MPI or MPI-2 library functionality. ParaStation MPI has been design to select the most appropriate of all available interconnects at runtime.

The ParaStation GridMonitor is a versatile system monitor for Linux-based compute cluster. A multiplicity of information from different devices and services from a cluster may be read, evaluated and stored. The GridMonitor provides the administrator with various aspects of the available information, from an overall status of all configured clusters to indepth details of nodes and devices.

The ParaStation ClusterTools as part of the ParaStationV5 cluster suite offer a set of tools to ease the different tasks of setting up and maintaining a high performance compute cluster. It supports a variety of Linux distributions and system configurations.

The ParaStation TicketSuite as part of the ParaStationV5 Cluster Suite is an essential tool for maintaining large cluster installations. It helps keeping track of all issues that may arise with the hardware and software setup of such a cluster, thereby integrating well with the other components of the ParaStationV5 Cluster Suite.

The ParaStation HealthChecker is a tool designed to check the consistency and health of compute & storage nodes. Each node in a cluster has to be checked of software consistency and has to be hardware error free to make a reliable MPI run possible.

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