Intel Cluster Ready

The Intel Cluster Ready program offers an additional level of confidence to cluster-based deployments. Certified Intel  Cluster Ready architectures and registered ISV applications have been tested together to help assure that both the system and applications will work as expected, out of the box.

HPC Clusters from ParTec are Intel Cluster Ready

Until recently, it was difficult to ensure that HPC clusters met a minimum set of hardware and software standards: each cluster may have had different hardware and software components, and the resulting combinations may or may not have functioned in the same consistent and conformant way. To help avoid this problem, Intel  has collaboratively developed the Intel Cluster Ready program and tech- nology package with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), channel members, and independent software vendors (ISVs). Now, by taking advantage of the standards and tools provided by this program, end-users get a better and more consistent out-of-the-box cluster experience yielding in a faster deployment time, easier operations and higher productivity.
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As one of the leading cluster software developer in the area of HPC clusters computing, ParTec is fully embracing the new Intel Cluster Ready Program and framework technologies together with the advanced cluster operating and management system ParaStationV5. ParTec is one of the first certified Intel Cluster Ready companies worldwide.

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Intel® Cluster Ready

The Intel® Cluster Ready program and technology package makes it easier to acquire and use clusters built with Intel components.
Program Benefits and Advantages

Application Portability First and foremost: Intel® Cluster Ready ISV applications have been tested to run on clusters certified as Intel® Cluster Ready. You no longer have to worry if your applications will run on a given cluster; instead, with a cluster certified as Intel® Cluster Ready, you can focus on the features and performance you need to get your job done. The result is

  • Reduced effort to configure, acquire, and deploy clusters that run the ISV applications you rely on
  • Increased productivity


Component Interoperability

Components certified as Intel® Cluster Ready enable you to confidently select from a variety of hardware and software components. This is especially valuable as your computing requirements change, allowing you to modify existing capabilities and add new capabilities as needed. The result is

  • Greater flexibility in cluster configurations
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Increased application performance


How Intel® Cluster Ready Helps You

Platform suppliers and ISVs use tools and resources provided by Intel to ensure the cluster is built per specification.

Platform Suppliers

The supplier designs and builds their offering according to their processes, subject to the Intel® Cluster Ready Specification. When system testing is completed, the Intel® Cluster Checker assures specification compliance. Once proper operation of Intel® Cluster Ready ISV applications are verified, the cluster is certified Intel® Cluster Ready.

Independent Software Vendors

Every ISV application to be registered as Intel® Cluster Ready must be tested on an Intel® Cluster Ready certified cluster with realistic workloads. Of particular importance to you, the ISV must describe any software dependencies beyond those required by the Intel® Cluster Ready Specification; this ensures the smooth installation and proper execution of registered ISV applications on any certified cluster.

Program Description

The program includes:

  • Specification ensuring needed uniformity while enabling differentiation
  • Certification ensuring the cluster you buy is designed and built to specification
  • Tools validating and testing the ongoing operation and performance of all cluster components
  • Labeling making it easier to select interoperable hardware and software
  • Communications ensuring best practices are well known and readily available

Intel® Cluster Ready Specification

The Intel® Cluster Ready Specification ensures that components in a cluster certified as Intel® Cluster Ready conform to industry standards, or, when no appropriate standards exist, implement best-of-class practices.
What we Specify

  • Per-node and cluster-wide hardware and software requirements, to ensure
  • Minimal required manageability capabilities
  • Minimal required cluster functionality

Intel® Cluster Checker

This extensible tool, provided free-of-charge on all clusters certified as Intel® Cluster Ready, checks the configuration and performance of the cluster. The Intel® Cluster Checker provides a full range of tests, analyzing important aspects of cluster organization, functionality, and performance, ensuring consistent cluster-wide operation. Advanced tests, such as the HPCC suite, evaluate the performance of individual nodes, as well as performance of all compute nodes in the cluster; this ensures maximal cluster-wide performance.

When problems are found, the Intel® Cluster Checker provides detailed per-component diagnostic information in addition to the overall pass-fail status. This reporting greatly simplifies problem resolution, allowing you to quickly address the problem's source.