The ParaStation Consortium


The Research Center Juelich, the University of Wuppertal, the University of Karlsruhe and ParTec are involved in research and development of solutions for high performance computing, especially for cluster computing. Over the coming years the members of the consortium will develop high performant, stable and reliable software to enhance the features of ParaStation, in particular the use of cluster systems within the Grid infrastructure.

The following features will be further or new developed:

  • Enhancing the basical communication layer to achieve better latency and bandwidth
  • Hybrid operations of multiple ethernet topologies, eg. Gridnet and CLOS-Switch-Net
  • Development of shared virtual memory properties
  • Integration of parallel file systems such as PVFS and global filesystems such as GPFS
  • Integration of Grid engines like UNICORE and UNICORE/GS
  • Checkpoint/restart of parallel applications, incl. job migration
  • Cluster builder with efficient (re-)installation and configuration features
  • Very close coupling with preferred batch systems
  • Tool for enhanced performance analysis
  • Extended and flexible monitoring of all cluster parameters such as system health, file systems, batch systems, system load etc.
  • Graphical web based platform for the representation of all sampled data

The basic version of ParaStation will be provided as open source for free download under the SUN-Community-Source-License Version 3.0. We invite you to download and use the ParaStation and to take part of the development. Persons, companies and organisations which are interested to join our activities are welcome. A membership of the ParaStation consortium will be possible on special interest. Please contact info(at)

Consortiums members (July 2005)

ParTec Cluster Competence Center GmbH
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Univerität Wuppertal
Universität Karlsruhe
Pathscale, Inc